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The vision of the Multi-Bat project is for a multi-functional, modular battery pack to enable reduced cost electric vehicles in sectors with lower production volumes. The primary objective is to assess the feasibility and benefits of a battery pack with an integrated power converter in an electrified commercial vehicle (ECV) application. The battery will combine the functionality of the inverter and on-board charger into the existing battery management system (BMS) using a distributed converter topology integrated into the battery pack, thus enabling modular solutions to be created for a range of applications.

There are four main areas of focus: development of a viable electronic layout to perform the required functions; development of the thermal concept to mitigate adverse effects that the power converter integration could have on the battery; assessment of the mechanical feasibility for the installation of the distributed converter into a commercial vehicle battery pack; and finally the impact of the distributed converter layout on electromagnetic emissions.
Effective start/end date1/08/2131/03/22

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  • Innovate UK


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