Microtomography and lattice strain characterisation in composite structural batteries during Li+ intercalation

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Structural batteries are multifunctional materials that are simultaneously store energy and carry a mechanical load. Carbon fibre composites have significant potential for use in structural batteries, as the fibre can be used as an anode. During charging, Li+ ions are absorbed into the fibre (intercalation) which causes the anode to swell. This influences the residual stress state, mechanical properties and microstructure, and reduces the ability of the battery to hold both charge and structural load. In this study, X-ray powder diffraction will be used to examine the impact of charging in carbon fibre structural batteries. Lattice strain quantification will provide insights into the swelling, and microtomography will be used to characterise the associated structural changes. These results will enhance the structural modelling which is required to optimise battery materials and design.
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