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This project imagines a software engine that automatically creates a video life story from an individual's social media content.

LifeDocs is a practical attempt to make sense of our vast stashes of personal data in a human, emotional, narrative way. Using their own social media content, we want to create a short film memoir of an individual - with the output feeling meaningful, personalised, beautiful and potentailly provocative. We want to see if we can create this using an automated process.

Our ambition is that the Life Docs service will be a commercial, stand-alone, direct-to-consumer product, but will also be used within the AfterLife Retreat (a large scale residential theatre event The Other Way Works are planning for 2015/16).

We will spend time researching, discussing and making decisions about how content and data will be selected, filtered and presented, based on questions around ethics, meaning, narrative, and technical feasibility.

We want to create a 'calling card' for the concept to help us attract further investment to allow us to develop a prototype.

Key findings

We will create a mini documentary film about the concept, featuring interviews with us in collaboration with the filmmakers
We will create extracts of mock-up films in order to give people a sense of how Life Documentary films woudl look and feel
We will produce a Specification document for the software engine build, in collaboration with a software developer.
Effective start/end date1/02/1430/04/14


  • AHRC


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