KTP Bath and Solicitors Own Software

  • Davies, Iain (PI)
  • Veer, E (CoPI)
  • Martin, B A S (CoI)

Project: Research-related funding

Project Details


SOS is a highly successful software house supplying ‘back-office’ financial applications to a single business sector, namely law firms. Their most recent software creations, however, are very different, and typified by ‘SOS Connect’, which is a comprehensive and sophisticated package allowing the management of all law company functions. Additionally, they have developed new service delivery products, covering remote and Web based hosting and on-line management of financial and other business functions. SOS have built their reputation and success on sales of financial software packages to the legal sector, but this function in the sector has limited potential for growth and is crowded with competition. SOS have concluded that the way ahead for company growth is, firstly, to promote their ‘whole business’ and service delivery products to the legal sector, strengthening them overall in that market, and, secondly, and much more importantly, to expand into markets outside of the legal sector, where the broad functionality of their latest products would be applicable to a range of other business sectors.
The KTP project therefore was to develop new business strategy and company identity, to enable SOS to become a multi-sector supplier of operational software and systems. This has been achieved through the application of a number of core academic theories and research methodologies including:
• Utilization of branding, market environment, service marketing, sales and market research literatures
• Primary quantitative research through: Online survey design, collection and analysis
• Primary qualitative research through Focus groups, interviews and tradeshows.
• Secondary research drawing on market research, press and analyst reports

Key findings

The project overall has come to a very satisfactory conclusion to all parties. For the company partner we have achieved:
• New branding & logo for the company’s Virtual Practices division
• Design and launch of new Virtual Practices web-site to target/serve non-legal sectors also
• First sale of SOS Connect outside of the legal market (to a firm of Forensic Investigators)
• Improved marketing activity and measurement to our mainstream target (legal sector)
• Speeded and strengthened our transition from ‘back-office’ to ‘total solutions supplier’ to the legal sector
For the knowledge base partner we have achieved:
• High quality case examples for use in undergraduate and Postgraduate teaching
• A close and cohesive partnership which we hope will be on-going with the company partner.
• An increase in esteem for the KTP process within the School of Management
Short title£76,613
Effective start/end date15/07/0931/12/10