ISOBIO - Development and Demonstration of the Highly Insulating, Construction Materials from Bio-derived Aggregates

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The ISOBIO project will develop a new approach to insulating materials through the novel combination of existing bio-derived aggregates with low embodied carbon with innovative binders to produce durable composite construction materials. These novel composites will target 50% lower embodied energy and carbon than traditional oil based insulation panels, and will increase thermal insulation compared with traditional systems by at least 20%. By using bio-based materials, using vertical integration from raw material production through to finished systems, the ISOBIO project aims to reduce costs by at least 15% over traditional systems. The use of bio-based materials ensures that whole life energy use is reduced through taking advantage of the photosynthesis of atmospheric carbon which is sequestered in the fabric of the building for its lifetime. The ISOBIO materials take advantage of the natural moisture sorption/desorption characteristics of bio-based materials, which is known to passively manage the indoor environment resulting in greatly improved indoor air and environmental quality, whilst at the same time reducing the demand for air conditioning.
Effective start/end date1/02/1531/01/19


  • EU - Horizon 2020

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    Hygrothermal and mechanical characterisation of novel hemp shiv based thermal insulation composites

    Hussain, A., Calabria-Holley, J., Lawrence, R. & Jiang, Y., 10 Jul 2019, In : Construction and Building Materials. 212, p. 561-568 8 p.

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    Resilient hemp shiv aggregates with engineered hygroscopic properties for the building industry

    Hussain, A., Calabria-Holley, J. & Lawrence, R., 10 Jul 2019, In : Construction and Building Materials,. 212, p. 247-253 7 p.

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    Hydrophobic Sol-Gel Coatings on Bio-Based Materials - Influence of Catalyst and Solvent Concentration

    Hussain, A., Schorr, D., Blanchet, P., Calabria-Holley, J. & Lawrence, R., 23 Jun 2017.

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    Dataset for 'Cell wall microstructure, pore size distribution and absolute density of hemp shiv'

    Jiang, Y. (Creator), Hussain, A. (Project Member), Lawrence, M. (Creator) & Ansell, M. (Project Member), Dryad Digital Repository, 4 Apr 2018