Investigating Gender Based Violence Intersectional (Dis)Advantages and Legal Duties - A Scoping Study of UK Universities

  • Skinner, Tina (PI)
  • Rachel, Fenton (PI)
  • Jones, Cassandra (PI)
  • Smith, Olivia (CoI)
  • Gangoli, Geetanjali (CoI)

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In Changing the Culture (2016), Universities UK called for universities to take action to prevent and combat Gender Based Violence (GBV), including some legal guidance for investigations. This inter-disciplinary GW 4 funded project will design a robust and sophisticated ecological theoretical framework that will incorporate policies, sanctions, redress and duties of care to guide investigating the extent, characteristics, and impacts of GBV within UK universities. This in term will help to develop a strategic evidence based response to Gender Based Violence from the Macro level of law, the Meso level of institutional responses, the micro level of peer groups and the ontogenetic level of individuals.

Layman's description

This project aims to develop understanding of how to tackle domestic and sexual violence that occurs at universities in the UK.
StatusNot started


  • rape
  • domestic
  • abuse
  • violence
  • university
  • sexual
  • H Social Sciences

RCUK Research Areas

  • Sociology


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