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A core part of this proposal is the development of methodologies to select and rigorously design the appropriate type of enhancement technology into energy optimisation studies to a practical level, whereby process plant engineers can plan and carry out plant energy reduction programmes in which they will have confidence. The project aims to achieve at least 20% to 30 % energy savings in the energy recovery systems from the successful completion of the project, through: (i) Enhancing our understanding of heat exchange and waste heat recovery; (ii) Combining enhanced heat transfer innovative design to achieve the synergy of separate novel technologies with focus on conventional, plate-fin and membrane exchangers. Current trends will be taken into account that whilst new types of exchangers are making an increasing impact and acceptance in the process industry, the main exchanger types are based around tubular constructions, shell and tubes and air cooled exchangers and that it is likely to remain so for many practical and pressure withstanding reasons. (iii) Proposing new materials of improved economic and environmental performance as heat transfer media (with focus on advanced heat transfer fluids). (iv) Implementing the developed technologies effectively in heat exchanger networks (HENs) through intelligent process integration and control techniques.
Effective start/end date1/12/1030/11/12


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