Internationalisation of the curriculum

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This project will seek to address two issues:

Firstly, the cultural, ethnic and religious diversity of both students on the DClin and regional NHS placement provision is very limited, impacting our student experience, and leading to risk of being inadequately equipped to work with cultural diversity and the intersection with mental health. We are seeking to extend and deepen cultural awareness through teaching and potential placement exchange by collaborating with DClin colleagues at Stellenbosch who apply clinical theory and practice in the multi-diverse context of SA.

Secondly, due to the changing landscape in DClinPsy, collaboration with Stellenbosch will broaden appeal to potential international and self-funding students in the future and offer unique visibility and profile in comparison to other programmes.

The PI and Co-I are national leaders in Cognitive Behavioral and Systemic Therapy (respectively) and responsible for professional accreditation in these areas on the DClin at UoB. We will collaborate to develop and innovate the curriculum with new teaching resources for both Bath DClinPsy and Stellenbosch equivalent. This will include reciprocal visits, production of tangible output and continued collaboration through skype.
Short title£4250
Effective start/end date25/11/1923/11/20