Intelligent inclusive Social Television-based Exercise snacking Project

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This project aims to develop an innovative, acceptable and inclusive digital solution which will improve active ageing for older adults in retirement living settings and the community. Traditional technologies fail to meet the needs of older adults due to technology-based exercise interventions and complex interfaces which are aimed primarily at a younger demographic.

Our solution will address digital exclusion and improve physical and social health for older adults by combining an easy-to-use, personalised exercise snacking programme with an accessible social communication platform delivered through a simple television set-top box which is easy to install and maintain. The solution will be developed in collaboration with our network of industry housing partners using a person-based approach to ensure the needs of older adult users are met, prioritising those of lower socioeconomic status who reside in retirement living settings who would benefit most from community building and improved quality of life. This will be combined with the team's expertise in behavioural science, adaptive user - video interaction, and electrical engineering to ensure the product is grounded in state-of-the-art research while being engaging and easy to use.
Effective start/end date1/09/2329/03/24

Collaborative partners


  • Economic and Social Research Council


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