Institute for Mathematical Innovation (IMI) secondment - Estimating physiological factors of running performance from changes in running technique

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Selection for the secondment scheme (competitive selection) at the Institute for Mathematical Innovation, University of Bath.

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Running is affected by physiological and biomechanical factors, amongst which lactate threshold is recognised as one of the best predictor of performance: the higher your threshold, the longer your ability to sustain high running speeds.
Currently, the most reliable way to estimate individual lactate threshold is by measuring physiological parameters in controlled lab conditions. However, novel data science approaches could help predicting it indirectly through measurements of running technique alterations. Indeed, at speeds higher than the lactate threshold, fatigue starts affecting muscle function and progressively induces subtle running-style adaptations, which can be analysed to capture individual performance determinants.
Short title£5,000
Effective start/end date1/09/2031/08/21