Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund - ABC

Project: Research council


The Active Building Centre (ABC) is one of two hubs funded through the Transforming Construction Industrial Challenge. The ABC is a national collaboration among leading universities and companies.

The ABC will revolutionise the way we design, construct and operate buildings in the UK. It will do this by integrating advanced offsite manufacturing with state-of-the-art digital design. This will include incorporating and integrating energy generation, storage and release technologies to create active buildings that substantially reduce both the operational costs of buildings and their demand on the UK energy infrastructure.

The ABC is a national centre of excellence, catalysing a revolution in smart buildings and energy sharing. It will bring together, energy, construction, government and research to deploy and scale-up active buildings and communities. It will involve clustered demonstration facilities on a variety of building typologies. And a pipeline of several thousand buildings will be considered by supporting companies and organisations.

Layman's description

The Active Building Centre is developing buildings that produce more energy than than use; "buildings as power stations".
Effective start/end date3/09/182/03/22