Inclusion in the curriculum: Partnering with South African universities

Project: Research-related funding

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The inclusion and recognition of non-Western perspectives in research and teaching is critical to the internationalization agenda. South Africa is an important partner in this because of (a) the historical exclusion of African knowledge and scholarship and (b) it is at the forefront of the global movement to decolonize knowledge.

This project will develop partnerships with academics in three South African universities in order to:
•Ensure UoB’s current efforts to embed inclusion in curriculum transformation is informed by South African universities’ experience in addressing the legacy of race relations.
•Identify opportunities to bring South African research and researchers into the UoB Psychology curriculum (e.g., through on-line classrooms; engagement with SA research(ers)).
•Develop staff and student exchanges (e.g., co-supervision of PhD, MClin) between UoB and partner institutions (beyond those currently in place with Stellenbosch).
•Develop support for a GW4 research collaboration on internationalizing psychological research and teaching.

Strand 4 - Internationalising the Curriculum 2019.
Short title£5000
Effective start/end date25/11/1923/11/20