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The Protospray technique enables production of thin-film touch sensing and electronic displays on 3D printed surfaces. Electronically functional materials are sprayed in thin film coatings onto 3D printed structures created from insulating and conductive thermoplastic filaments. The thin film device is then controlled via the conductive traces within the 3D printed substrate. In the published work, the Protospray technique is measured and optimised for surface roughness, channel length and width, spray technique, film thickness and uniformity, and electrode connection characteristics.

Linecross Ltd, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of polymer and polyurethane composite products saw an opportunity to apply the Protospray technique to specifically focus on automotive interiors, a key Linecross market with clients including most of the prestige marques. The sector is increasingly looking at how to apply printed circuits to replace wiring harnesses and switches, moving towards panel-integrated touch sensitive sensors and displays, and Protospray provides a potentially cost-effective technique to enable such innovations. As well as providing greater interactivity, the weight saving of removing wiring harnesses provides significant opportunity to reduce overall vehicle weight and therefore power consumption.
Effective start/end date1/05/2130/06/22


  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


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