Human-robot collaboration and dynamic material handling optimisation in factory and warehouse settings

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"Surging costs and acute labour shortages are threatening the sustainability of the warehousing and logistics industry where margins are typically very low and businesses operate on short contract terms. The industry is embracing innovative digital technologies and robotics to automate operations, improve efficiency and reduce costs. However, with increasing automation, human-robot collaboration and the measurement and tracking of goods, equipment and workforce activity across operations becomes increasingly challenging.

Sonodot (trading as Logidot) is an emerging player in the warehousing and logistics sector with a state-of-the-art industrial IoT platform combining low-cost, plug&play location tracking sensors and a real-time intelligence platform to track equipment (barcode scanners/forklifts) and pickers in warehouse and factory environments. In collaboration with the University of Bath's Centre for Smart Warehousing and Logistics Systems, a smart warehousing solution has been designed with innovations in ultra-wide-band sensors, machine-learning, dynamic routing and mesh communication protocols to provide real-time data insights that enable warehouse managers to make informed decisions around task prioritisation, safety, human labour and fleet utilisation to optimise operational efficiency and productivity.

This project responds to current industry challenges and trends towards greater automation, highlighted with leading providers of transport and logistics solutions, with a key focus on developing functionality for activity tracking in manual and unstructured (not always repeated and predictable) operations (forklifts and pickers), understanding where and why time is wasted on unproductive workflows, dynamically responding/routing drivers/pickers in real-time, and coordinating with automation (conveyor belts or robots).

An advanced prototype will be developed and deployed within a state-of-the-art automated warehouse facility to demonstrate the potential of the solution to improve efficiencies within an operational environment. Outcomes will provide a compelling case for market adoption, targeting mid-large warehouses and distribution centres globally with interest already secured from operations/warehouse managers across the UK and Europe for rapid commercialisation post project."
Effective start/end date1/07/2331/12/24

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