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Last year Industrial Nature Ltd started a business to bring hempcrete blocks to market, on the back of the co-founder’s post-grad research at CAT in 2014.

They are now getting closer to market, ready for certification with BBA and securing partnerships and further funding. They know there was an unsuccessful project by Lime Technology with these kind of blocks – They are giving it another shot in the UK, with some Scottish funding this time.

In terms of certification testing, thyey have to look for UKAS labs - but they are doing 'pre-testing' at some universities before expensive BBA tests. They believe that there could be a research project designed which might be of mutual benefit to Bath and themselves. They have academic funding from a range of sources at the moment.

They are trying to perfect their formula and mix ratio and would like to know if they could get some input from me - through a consultation fee. They are very confident of what they already have, but they are trying to tweak it and refine it right now - this is taking a lot of time on their own (and cost) as it involves as much success as failure - particularly without adding OPC. They were at Heriot-Watt University recently doing some preliminary K value and compression tests on latest iterations.

Key things which are required from the consultancy:
- Refining their hempcrete formula and mix
- Manufacturing process advice. They will be designing the whole process this year, with silos for bulk binder mixes - the biggest challenge they have right now is how best to move blocks from the masonry press, off their mould base boards as soon as possible and onto suitable drying racks. 
- Guidance on construction details.

Layman's description

Hemp-Lime is traditionally cast on site, but several attempts to manufacture building blocks have been made both in the UK and in mainland Europe. Within the UK there is currently no source of hemp-lime blocks, and Industrial Nature are developing a production facility to fill this void. Advice and guidance is being given on manufacturing formulations and processes as well as design and installation protocols in order to ensure a successful long term outcome for this venture.
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