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"Augmented Reality AR environments are increasingly being used as content creation tools alongside motion capture technology in the games film and high budget TV markets. Currently the cost of generating high quality content is prohibitive to the desired exponential increase in its use alongside practical challenges in generating high quality facial content in virtual environments. This project aims to create a solution enabling characters in video games to be controlled in real time by players who can look you in the eye and talk to you directly in the virtual environment. Our novel tool will enable directors producers and actors on set to engage with the actors performance in real time to increase efficiency in the production workflow and to enable actor engagement with a live audience. The device that makes this possible is a headset that both tracks the facial performance of the actor and presents an AR experience in real time. None of the current generation VR AR headsets can achieve this while the wearer is immersed. Use of such a device in a live stage show represents an entirely new art form and presents enormous possibilities for growth in TV Film and Games development."
Effective start/end date6/06/1631/01/19


  • Innovate UK


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