GW4 BUILDING COMMUNITIES PROGRAMME: GW4 community studying fatigue in people with multiple long-term conditions

  • L Davies, Jennifer (PI)
  • Dawes, Helen (CoI)
  • Busse Morris, Monica (CoI)
  • Preatoni, Ezio (CoI)
  • Coulthard, Liz (CoI)

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Fatigue is feeling that we should stop (or not start) something. It normally subsides with rest, but in many medical conditions this doesn’t happen.

Having multiple long-term medical conditions, sometimes called multimorbidity, increases the chance of having severe fatigue. There is an urgent need to develop interventions to reduce fatigue in individuals with multiple long-term conditions. However, it is unclear which elements of fatigue are common across conditions and which are condition-specific. This makes it difficult to treat.

We will build a community to develop the understanding required to inform targeted interventions for fatigue in individuals with multiple long-term conditions.
Short title£19,643.00
Effective start/end date1/06/2330/11/23

Collaborative partners

  • University of Bath
  • University of Exeter (Joint applicant)
  • Cardiff University (Joint applicant) (lead)
  • University of Bristol (Joint applicant)


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