GW4 Accelerator: Transformative history education : Learning from creative practices in Cambodia, Colombia and Iraq

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Our network is focused around the GW4 Grand Challenge Area of social justice and inequality. It also addresses the GCRF challenges of human rights, good governance, and social justice and of equitable access to sustainable development. We approach these challenges through a focus on education, which is positioned not just as a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG4), but also as necessary for achieving other SDGS (e.g. UNESCO, 2017). International agendas also position education as necessary for building peace and preventing conflict (e.g. Education Cannot Wait, 2017). History education is often identified as a space where these positive promises of education are not fulfilled, instead inciting conflict thanks to divisive or exclusionary narratives or a silencing controversial or recent histories. Our network has identified creative alternative approaches to learning about histories of recent conflict and we seek to continue this work at a larger, more impactful scale in future through a cross-national
study of the practices, processes and outcomes of transformative history education for young people in four conflict-affected contexts (Cambodia, Colombia, Iraq and Uganda).
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