Govanhill Community Engagement

  • Miller, David (PI)

Project: Research council

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This one year project starts from the premise that sharing research with groups at a community level is a requirement for adequate knowledge exchange. To facilitate this process, a research and information network will be established, The network will consist of researchers and members from groups within the community. The idea of monthly seminars/workshops will be explored; hopefully allowing exchange of research information and skills in research methods. The project has multiple aims, essentially around the development of better community engagement between university researchers and third sector. It is anticipated the collaboration will help to identify research priorities and appropriate methodologies and lead to co-production of knowledge. This approach, attempting to render research comprehensible and accessible to community groups gives the potential to 'spread the word' through the interactions of groups, and to maximise the social, economic and policy benefits of research. Additionally, this may allow academic researchers to use multiple methods of research dissemination and knowledge exchange, so research is easier to understand. This may also allow for the mainstreaming of research outcomes so they are not only on the periphery of community groups' work but also of use day-to-day.
Effective start/end date1/03/1228/02/13


  • Economic and Social Research Council


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