Freedom to explore with maps

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Project Details


The project, funded by the Ordnance Survey, explored how geography teachers can use the local OS Explorer maps to develop 11/12 year old pupils’ spatial and local environment learning.

•review existing literature and research in the area of developing spatial learning (map knowledge, understanding and skills) with pupils in key stage 3;
•review existing good practice in how teachers currently use local OS maps to stimulate spatial learning;
•develop innovative and creative strategies for stimulating learning with local maps.

Research questions

1Which resources (books, journals, newsletters, research, maps, ICT) are currently regarded by teachers as significant in informing their practice with maps?

2How are teachers currently using local OS maps to stimulate spatial learning?

3How can strategies in using local OS maps be improved to stimulate spatial learning?

4How can this new knowledge contribute to local environment enquiries in geography and citizenship?

Short title15,000
Effective start/end date1/03/0531/03/07