Free Access to Nanolithography and Supporting Processes

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We request continued funding for a previous successful EPSRC-funded Equipment Sharing Initiative to provide UK academic groups with free point-of-use access to electron beam nanolithography in the David Bullett Nanofabrication Facility at the University of Bath. Our scheme will focus on providing 'pump-priming' support for new research that is enabled by access to our nanofabrication tools, particularly work at the Physics/Engineering-Biology and Physics/Engineering-Chemistry interdisciplinary interfaces. Not only will we share our extensive design and process expertise with users, but we shall also provide training and support within a comprehensive package of services including nanolithography, wet & dry etching, thin film deposition and SEM/AFM imaging. We will actively seek opportunities to enhance the multi-disciplinary skills of early career users (postgraduate and post-doctoral researchers) whenever possible. We also propose to purchase a new complementary direct-write laser lithography tool that will allow us to offer users a quicker and more versatile service with unique new features for advanced prototyping (e.g., 3D lithography in thick photoresist and/or on non-planar substrates).

Layman's description

Free access to electron beam lithography and supporting processes for all UK academics.
Effective start/end date1/08/1331/01/18


  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


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