Examining the influence of temp on γ and γ’ lattice misfit strain in Ni superalloys designed for additive manufacture

  • Lunt, Alexander (PI)
  • Dhokia, Vimal (CoI)
  • Zhou, Ning (CoI)
  • Forsik, Stephane (CoI)
  • Wang, Tao (CoI)
  • Colombo, Gian (CoI)
  • Dicus, Austin (CoI)
  • Harrison, Neil (PI)
  • Epler, Mario (CoI)

Project: UK industry

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Additive Manufacture (AM) of high temperature Ni alloys has significant potential for the intricate cooling features found in jet engines. However, existing Ni superalloys are unsuitable for AM as they exhibit strain age cracking after manufacture. Neural networks and thermodynamic simulations have recently been used to design a new range of Ni superalloys to overcome this issue. In this study X-ray powder diffraction will be used verify, optimise and refine these models by characterising the lattice mismatch between γ and γ’ in 6 of these alloys. Such insights are crucial in achieving the improved efficiencies and performance offered by structurally reliable high temperature AM parts.
Short title£65,265 (pending)
Effective start/end date30/09/20 → …