Evaluation of Next Generation Receptor Technologies in OTFT Biosensors

Project: Central government, health and local authorities

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The development of next generation point of care diagnostics is set to radically change the way in which health care is delivered. Portable, networked devices will deliver rapid test results from patient samples within a few minutes enabling accelerated medical decision making and patient stratification in primary care settings. These technologies will find application in diverse fields, for example cancer screening, acute and emergency care, management of chronic conditions, primary care and the tackling of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Biosensors will be a central component of these next generation diagnostic products, however to maximise commercial potential there is an urgent need to provide specific and selective biosensors whilst reducing fabrication complexity and improving detector robustness. This must be achieved through a suitable mass production process and at a cost point that will enable adoption in the market. This project aims to demonstrate highly sensitive biomarker detection through the development of NeuDrive's organic thin film transistor (OTFT) biosensor platform. This will be achieved through its combination with novel platform technologies for biomolecular recognition, sourced from two innovative UK based SMEs.
Effective start/end date1/07/1730/06/18


  • Innovate UK


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