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The University of Bath has a strong and growing tradition of excellence in diverse areas of research relating to Energy. The recruitment of a high quality Energy Research Project Manager is seen as vital in bringing together the available expertise of individual departments currently participating in six Supergen consortia and a wide variety of industrially funded research projects. The Research Project Manager will be responsible for ensuring the further development, and maximum impact of, the world class research undertaken at the University of Bath within this area. The Energy Manager would be responsible for relationship development on three levels, a) inter-departmental, b) inter-organisation, and c) inter-national. The outcome of this activity will be to strengthen the Energy community at the University of Bath through the formation of non-competitive networks, to build trust, explore collaborative working and develop new and managed relationships. The outcome of this management role will be to develop energy research at Bath for the benefit of the UK in addressing future needs. The appointee will enhance Energy research quality across the 6 departments of the University of Bath through the facilitated 'sandpit' workshops in order to exchange ideas and knowledge to generate and maintain the proposed Interdisciplinary Research Cluster. The Interdisciplinary Research Cluster will focus on sharing current knowledge and future plans, and act as a peer review hub to lead to higher quality research projects. The post holder will catalyse new and existing relationships with Government, funding bodies (e.g. the Research Councils) and end users in order to enhance the funding and prestige of the research undertaken. The position of a dedicated Project Manager to oversee the daily running of projects is not only commonplace in industry but increasingly the cornerstone of environmental management and quality systems such ISO 9001 and 14001. The post holder will serve to demonstrate the University's professional approach to research and overcome some widely held prejudices regarding academic delivery, especially in relation to end users. The outcome of this new post will be to stimulate a significant increase in the sustainable level of funding in Energy research and to establish the Bath Research Institute for Energy and the Environment (BRIEE) within an iconic, carbon neutral showcase building.
Effective start/end date1/10/0730/04/11


  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


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