English Institute of Sport - Are athletes ready to play? Improving pre- & re-habilitation pathways through the assessment of movement and coordination dynamics

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The English Institute of Sport and the University of Bath are jointly supporting a programme of work whose aim is to gain more insight into the adaptation processes in movement and movement coordination that occur when an athlete gets injured.
More specifically, the objectives of the investigation are to understand:
- what are the changes in movement and coordination patterns between healthy and ACL deficient athletes, and what is the effect of fatigue on those differences;
- what are the changes in movement and coordination dynamics that may lead to or be a consequence of ACL injury;
- what are the effects of different pre- or re-habilitative interventions on knee neuro-motor function and on lower limb coordination.
Short title£34,500.00
Effective start/end date1/01/151/01/19