English as a Medium of Instruction: An Intensive Course for Brazilian Professors

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Funded by the British Academy Newton Fund reciprocal scheme, the main objective of this project is to implement an English as Medium of Instruction intensive course for professors from the Federal University of Piauí (and from other universities of the state of Piauí) interested in becoming acquainted with the methodology in order to subsequently develop a project of a mini-course or subject within their programs administered in the English language and to observe its impact on the linguistic development of the professors and students and on the internationalization of the universities. Retrieve data from the participants of the course (and from their students) to analyze the impact of the course and their reflections on the importance of developing their English language skills to enhance the internationalization of their programs and to expand their research connections and publications.
Short title£3000
Effective start/end date9/11/20 → …

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