Engaging trafficked young people with research

Project: Research-related funding

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Interactive peer-group sessions with trafficked young people

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Interactive peer-group sessions with trafficked young people to share research findings from 'Child Trafficking: Experiences of children on the move' (Gearon, 2016). Young people provided their views on dissemination of research findings to different public audiences. ‘Formal’ audiences such as social workers, police and immigration staff are key practitioner groups. The sessions explored:
What young people think about other ways to engage the public with the findings and how?
How can messages to other young people from the research reach other children and young people?
What methods of engagement would be suitable?
How can minority communities be reached?
How to engage with the public when the findings are sensitive, hard-hitting and perhaps uncomfortable to hear?
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Effective start/end date1/05/1830/07/18


  • Public Engagement
  • child trafficking
  • research