Enduo Evolve for cargo e-bikes: A revolutionary power transmission and condition monitoring technology enabling a zero-carbon future

Project: Central government, health and local authorities

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New Motion Labs (NML) is solving one of the biggest fundamental problems in mechanical engineering, making large mechanical power transfer over a large surface area possible. NML's vision is to undertake fundamental innovation in the mechanical sector, enabling lightweight and efficient mechanised motion. Initially spun-out from University College London and steered by the Deep Science Ventures Accelerator programme.

NML's innovation, 'Enduo Evolve', is underpinned by the biggest breakthrough in mechanical power transfer in over a century: the ability to transfer power on both sides of a sprocket tooth, also known as Dual Engagement. In this project NML, Oxwash and University of Bath will collaborate to develop, test and evaluate Enduo Evolve's application in the fast-growing and environmentally-friendly cargo e-bikes market.

Enduo Evolve in cargo e-bikes offers significant socioeconomic impacts including health care savings due to increased physical activity, better air quality through adopting zero-carbon vehicles, reduced noise levels and potentially fewer road fatalities.
Effective start/end date1/02/2231/01/23

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  • Innovate UK


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