Dynamics of Work, Family and Society

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Recent developments in the work arena (e.g., technology, globalisation, dual-earning couples) as well as the changing nature and values of work (e.g., individualisation of work practices, increase in the bottom-up work designs) all culminate towards the integration of work and family areas. At the same time, we have witnessed an increased number of divorces, levels of stress, and work related sicknesses.

The series of studies and data to be collected in this project will contribute to our understanding on work-family in a number of ways. Firstly, this project will expand understanding of the nuances of the spill-over mechanisms between work and family, thus making the transition between domains easier and effective. Secondly, this project seeks to contribute to our knowledge on how support at home (i.e., spouses) as well as co-workers facilitate the successful management of work – family border, thus enabling employees work in productive and motivated ways. Thirdly, the combination of studies, with rigorous methodological approaches and designs, will help companies fine tune their approaches and HR initiatives of how to approach and take care of their employees.
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Effective start/end date1/02/1930/06/20