Disciplinary Literacy and the British Academic Written English Secondary School Corpus

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Building on work in language education, disciplinary literacy and corpus linguistics, the present pilot study aims to develop the first discipline specific corpus of iGCSE/GCSE, A Level and IB written texts across the curriculum. In the pilot study, we focus on three secondary school subject areas. A focus on three specific iGCSE/GCSE, A Level and IB subjects provides opportunities to develop the research tools, corpus framework and blueprint that can be used to inform a larger more in-depth study that includes a wider range of iGCSE/GCSE, A Level and IB subjects in the corpus.

The study aims to investigate the role of language in construing and representing knowledge in different disciplines. The findings will inform pedagogical resources that support secondary school students and teachers to develop and improve disciplinary literacy.
Short title£2,500
AcronymBAWESS Pilot
Effective start/end date7/12/2031/07/22


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