Development of Bacterial Cellulose/MOF Composite for Sustained Package

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FAPESP-University of Bath SPRINT 2020

Our long-term vision is to develop a holistic solution to the development and implementation of new biodegradable renewable materials (substituting plastic-based packaging) through the revaluation of waste. Within the short timeframe of this project (DeBaC CoSuPa), we propose to develop a bacterial composite cellulose / metal-organic framework (MOF) biofilm with the ability to preserve perishable agricultural products and to be used in the medical field as a system for sustained release of drugs. This will be achieved by preventing gases and vapor permeation through the films and removing ethylene, responsible for product ripening and providing a larger surface area, with the MOF for sustained drug retention and release. With this aim, we have established an interdisciplinary collaboration between the University of Bath (UoB) and the University of Araraquara-Uniara (Uniara), which brings together engineers and scientists.
Short title£9,500
AcronymDeBaC CoSuPa
Effective start/end date5/05/204/05/22