Developing predictors of the health benefits of exercise for individuals

  • Vollaard, Niels (CoI)
  • Timmons, Jamie (PI)
  • Rooyackers, Olav (CoI)
  • Gustafson, Thomas (CoI)
  • Greenhaff, Paul (CoI)
  • Knudsen, Steen (CoI)
  • Helge, Jørn Wulff (CoI)
  • Calbet, Jose (CoI)
  • Gibala, Martin (CoI)
  • Kainulainen , Heikki (CoI)
  • Kraus, William (CoI)
  • Bouchard, Claude (CoI)
  • Rankinen, Tuomo (CoI)
  • Cleasby, Mark (CoI)

Project: EU Commission

Project Details


Multi-center project aiming to develop molecular predictors of poor adaptability to different types of exercise training.

Layman's description

Metapredict is a cutting edge medical project aimed at combating diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Metapredict aims to:
- Identify the biological networks which influence health so stimulating biotechnology efforts
- Identify the biological networks which connect lifestyle stimulating biotechnology efforts
- Provide proof of principal for personalised healthcare and so help evolve modern medicine
Effective start/end date1/09/11 → …


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