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The DESTINY initial training network will tackle major challenges in the development of stable dye-sensitized solar cells, DSC. DSC offer exciting possibilities for applications in building integrated photovoltaics and consumer electronics. However they possess a complex structure with disparate materials. For DSC to be marketable and to compete with its inorganic counterparts, fundamental science has to be done to understand the causes of degradation and find ways of enhancing cell and module life time and stability without sacrificing performance and scalability. Ten internationally leading European research groups from six countries [including Dyesol UK, part of Europe’s leading industrial supplier of DSC] have joined forces as full participants with a commercial associated partner, combining expertise in synthetic chemistry, spectroscopy, nanoscale physics and device engineering. Our highly integrated approach to understanding degradation causes and proposing solutions will take a major step towards the commercialization of DSC. This consortium is strongly committed to promote breakthroughs at the frontiers of science and engineering. The training dimension of DESTINY is reflected in the high priority we give to the training of early stage and experienced researchers, ESRs and ERs, through education and knowledge dissemination via Tutorial Courses, Annual Network Meetings, Training Schools, Conferences and Mobility Programmes. The network, with a strong focus on interdisciplinary training, builds on fruitful collaborations between the partners. Development of complementary skills (presentation, management, technology transfer, IP protection) will take place throughout the project lifetime. Interaction with stakeholders beyond those involved primarily in research will be maintained to enhance the international and societal dimension of our research and provide the wider community with information on this new technology.
Effective start/end date1/11/1231/10/16


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