Child Trafficking Public Engagement Project

Project: Research-related funding

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Facilitating trafficked young people to participate in interactive seminar for practitioners & development of media project

Layman's description

To provide training for trafficked young people for public speaking and briefing on research findings and dissemination.
To facilitate young people to co-host interactive seminar. an ESRC funded Festival of Social Science event. with mult-disciplinary front-line practitioners.
Develop Media Project with young people who have been trafficked: a film for social media, radio piece and billboards to reach young people both here in the UK and in rural areas in trafficking source countries (especially Nigeria). Young people envisage that these ideas will serve as powerful messages to prevent young people being trafficked.
Short title488.40
Effective start/end date5/12/184/12/19

RCUK Research Areas

  • Social Work
  • Social Policy


  • child trafficking
  • modern slavery
  • children's voices
  • Public Engagement
  • young people's participation