CFD study of secondary air flow systems

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This project will investigate the performance of the CFD solver AU3X on large node count and on ARM chips. This research is preparatory to porting the solver to the UK HPC ARCHER and to other HPC facilities. This testing will allow a deeper insight in the solver behaviour at large node count, which is not possible on the free queue Balena.
The project will also contribute to produce results to be published on a paper in the 2021 ASME conference. The CFD solver AU3X will be used to investigate the off-design performance of a 1.5 axial turbine stage designed by Siemens. Full annulus URANS calculations will be run, requiring a significant node count as the one provided by Isambard. The different simulations will be obtained employing different optimization algorithms for face looping and will provide further indications the further indication for obtaining best performance on very large calculations (see ref).
The information and results gathered will be aimed at porting the URANS solver to the LES, in order to better investigate the complex flow physics of turbine secondary air flow systems in the framework of an EPSR proposal currently under preparation.
Short title15000 node hours
Effective start/end date1/03/2028/02/21