Certifiable management standards as drivers of sustainable entrepreneurship - BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants - SRG 2017 Round

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Certifiable management standards (CMS) direct businesses towards operating in
a sustainable manner by addressing ecological, ethical and social aspects of
performance. Yet, firms may adopt CMS for their symbolic value to signal the
compliance with societal expectations without genuinely implementing them in
own operation. The number of small businesses subscribing to sustainability-related standards is growing but little is known about their motives: do they apply CMS symbolically or in pursuit of operational benefits? This is the issue that this project investigates. Through interviews in small firms, the research seeks to establish the balance of motives to adopt ISO-14000 environmental management standard and to investigate if in the case of small firms the symbolic value of this standard is more important for adopters than its impact on organisational practices. The analysis will address the efficiency of self-regulation in small businesses and develop recommendations on enhancing the role of self-regulatory tools for stimulating sustainable entrepreneurship.
Short title£7,264.25.
Effective start/end date1/11/171/11/18