Building the Anti-Racist Classroom: Organising for Liberation 1

  • Brewis, Deborah (CoPI)
  • Dar, Sadhvi (CoPI)
  • Martinez Dy, Angela (CoPI)
  • Liu, Helena (CoPI)

Project: Research-related funding

Project Details


The project Building the Anti-Racist Classroom (BARC) ran a 2 day intensive workshop at Leeds Beckett University in June 2019. This event brought together academic staff, students and professional staff to share challenges and strategies regarding anti-racist practice in higher education. The event was sold out and participants attended from across the UK and from Denmark. The event included two keynote speakers from experts in the field (Dr Akile Ahmet and Dr Francesca Sobande), discussion with the eminenet Professor Shirley Ann Tate, and a workshop led by renowned dramatist Dr Mojisola Adebayo.
The project secured funding from the Northern Advanced Reserach Training Initiative (£2,725).

Key findings

This event continued the building of a network of students, scholars and professional staff working toward conceptualising and building the anti-racist classroom in higher education. Interest was garnered from further institutions who would like to host a BARC workshop. It has deepened ties among researchers in the field, and inspired a series of collaborative research-based writing projects among the members of the BARC collective.
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Effective start/end date15/06/1916/06/19