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This project initially aimed to raise awareness of people with sensory impairments and mental illnesses. It has now been extended to people from all types of minority groups, as well as anyone with a story to tell. The purpose is to create an opportunity for these people to come together with the general public and share their stories with each other without any judgements. It aims to challenge and decrease prejudice by speaking out and sharing each other’s experiences and viewpoints.

It is a modern day problem that people don’t talk to each other very much, leading to a hardening of beliefs about “others” – especially minority groups. The Bath Research Human Library is trying to reduce this by encouraging people to talk to each other about what makes them who they are. Exchanging stories allows others to put their firmly held ideas about certain groups into perspective and to embrace diversity through understanding “others”. Understanding others facilitates acceptance and this can only be achieved through engagement with one another.
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Effective start/end date8/07/178/07/17