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Whereas much has been said on the impact digital tools are having on traditional diplomacy, the emergence of ‘cyber-diplomacy’ as the use of diplomatic resources and techniques to negotiate common norms and rules, and to pursue national interests in cyberspace remains largely understudied. As a result, the logic and dynamic of international discussions and negotiations in an area of central impact to contemporary life – the world of information networks – are fundamentally absent from public scrutiny. Also, important questions on the adequacy of traditional institutions such as diplomacy to deal with novel issues (e.g. net neutrality, data privacy or state-sponsored cyber-attacks) remain largely unanswered. This cutting-edge project will address all these issues, focusing on the emerging practice of cyber-diplomacy in Europe, both in terms of European institutions and key member states, such as the United Kingdom, France and Germany. This research project is of interest to both academia (as there is a research gap) and practitioners (as diplomats and other stakeholders have expressed interest in this topic – see letter attached).
Short title£2,600
Effective start/end date1/07/181/07/19