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Professor Alberto Minetti is Distinguished Professor of Physiology in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Milan. He is an internationally renowned scholar in human locomotion, with his research and expertise spanning widely from basic science to application in sports, health, and clinical settings.

Building on successful links with his host Dr Dario Cazzola in the Department for Health, Professor Minetti’s Global Chair provides a unique opportunity to strengthen our institutional connection with a leading European university, including new mobility opportunities for our doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. Research links have already been established through a current European Space Agency (ESA) funded project on injury rehabilitation, using the partial gravity simulator that Professor Minetti has developed in his lab, and providing the opportunity for Bath PhD student James Cowburn to be hosted in Milan.

Professor Minetti's research approach to human motion analysis is truly multidisciplinary, bridging the gap between the more experimental and mathematical methods used in biomechanics and the in vivo experimental methods used in physiology. His affiliation promises to be a catalyst for new, cutting-edge research projects and cross-Faculty collaborations at Bath, expanding the scope of research between the Applied Biomechanics Suite and CAMERA, and supporting the ambitions of our research in clinical rehabilitation and exercise medicine, nutrition, and sports injury prevention. His recognised expertise in biomechanics and the energetics of locomotion will not only add a new research dimension to Bath but will also support new industry engagement, in particular in the use of metrics for monitoring physical activity in the health and sports sectors.

The Global Chair scheme is funded by the International Relations Office at the University of Bath to build high-profile research collaborations and enhance strategic networks with universities and research institutes overseas.
Effective start/end date1/09/2031/08/21

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