AV06 Festival Evaluation

Project: Project at a former HEI

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This project evaluated the impact of a digital arts festival based in Middlesborough, Sunderland and Newcastle.

Key findings

According to the Evaluation AV Festival 06 achieved nearly all of its aims. Particular achievements
of the festival were:
 15 newly commissioned works were made for the festival and premiered 21 world premiers
and 4 UK premiers
 4 commissioned works are on international touring festivals. Ryoji Ikeda is on an international
tour which includes Tate Modern, London in May; Sonar, Barcelona in June; and, ISEA2006
in San Jose in August. Ken Rinaldo’s Autotelematic Spider Bots will be shown in at least 6
galleries and museums across Northern Europe and Russia before 2007. 2 pieces by Richard
Fenwick were chosen by internationally renowned touring festivals (OnedotZero and
Resfest) to tour the world
Other strengths and achievements included:
• The festival was rated as artistically outstanding by audiences, artists and collaborators
• It attracted new audiences to view AV and many of these audiences (56%) had not been
to a similar event before
• Over 90% of audiences surveyed said they would come to a similar event in the future
• The two day Symposium discussing the theme of the festival and the debates following films
received very positive reviews
• Workshop participants positively rated the teaching and content of the workshops and
most of those interviewed said they would go on to use the skills they learned
• New skills were developed amongst local artists and other residents including some from
socially excluded groups
• Local artists and practitioners worked closely with national and international artists and
developed their AV production skills
• 70 volunteers participated and gained on the job experience
• The status and profile of the festival was raised and it gained national and began
developing international recognition amongst AV artists and audiences
• The festival gained strong local and national publicity
• A logo and branded form of marketing was developed which began to give the AV
Festival a clearer identity
• Venues within the region gained new audiences with over 43% of the surveyed sample
attending a venue for the first time
• A highly complex programme with temporal and geographically distinct phases was
successfully delivered
• Constructive and mutually beneficial relationships were developed with local cultural
• New and beneficial relationships were developed between regional organisations and
between staff at different venues
• Non-conventional venues and outdoor exhibitions facilitated access to AV for new
• The programme was successfully and more equally spread across the 3 urban centres than in 2003
• It attracted people to the region. 22% of those surveyed were staying away from home
whilst at the festival
• Inclusion strategies facilitated access by families with children, young people and children,
ethnic minorities and lower socio-economic groups.
• The survey indicated an almost equal gender split amongst audiences
• 88% of the surveyed audience were new to AV Festival 06 and had not participated in 2003
• The organisation of the festival was highly rated by audiences and artists.
• The festival created employment for local, national and international artists and gave high
profile to AV skills and arts within the region.
Short title£3000
StatusNot started