ATCA Follow-up of NS mergers from LIGO/Virgo in O3 (2019OCT, C3322)

  • Laskar, Tanmoy (PI)
  • Van Eerten, Hendrik (CoI)
  • Mundell, Carole (CoI)
  • Schady, Patricia (CoI)
  • Alexander, Kate D. (CoI)
  • Bhandari, Shivani (CoI)
  • Chornock, R. (CoI)
  • Coppejans, Deanne L. (CoI)
  • Blanchard, Peter K. (CoI)
  • Berger, Edo (CoI)
  • Cowperthwaite, Philip S. (CoI)
  • Duffell, Paul C. (CoI)
  • Eftekhari, Tarraneh (CoI)
  • Fong, W. F. (CoI)
  • Gomez, Sebastian (CoI)
  • Hajela, A. (CoI)
  • Hosseinzadeh, Griffin (CoI)
  • MacFadyen, Andrew (CoI)
  • Margutti, Raffaella (CoI)
  • Metzger, B. D. (CoI)
  • Nicholl, Matt (CoI)
  • Paterson, Kerry (CoI)
  • Schroeder, Genevieve (CoI)
  • Terreran, Giacomo (CoI)
  • Villar, V. A. (CoI)
  • Williams, Peter K. G. (CoI)
  • Xie, Xioyi (CoI)

Project: Other

Project Details


56 hrs of radio observations with ATCA for semester 2019OCT, proposal ID C3322
Effective start/end date30/09/1912/04/20


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