ASCEND - Advanced Sensing & Connectivity for Energy efficient Next-generation hydraulic Devices

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Project **ASCEND** is a collaboration between Domin, University of Bath (UOB) and The Data Analysis Bureau (T-DAB) to revolutionise the flow control technology / hydraulics industry, which suffers for operational inefficiencies owing to use of outdated technology and as well as being a major contributor (3-4%) to global CO2 emissions.

The consortium brings together strong expertise across advanced sensing development (UOB), design and development of complex hydraulics (Domin, UOB), IoT infrastructure (Domin) and AI based predictive maintenance (T-DAB) to drive disruptive digital innovation within the industry. They will build on Domin's ultra-compact and highly performant direct-drive servo valve (DDSV) platform, and build an ecosystem of digital services (real-time telemetry, and AI based insights) around it.

The project outcomes will not only lead to significant cost reduction around maintenance, repairs and capital investment, but also pave the way for further product innovation, and potentially, new business models. In terms of environmental benefits, the developed technologies, if adopted at scale, have the potential to reduce global CO2 emissions by \>60% by 2030\.

The consortium partners will also create a number of highly skilled jobs in the UK market for this project, with the scope to create 100s of further news jobs within the following 5 years. Further, with digital innovation and adoption at a scale, we also hope to help the UK ASCEND to world leading status in flow control technology.
Effective start/end date1/03/2231/08/24

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