APC 22 - Prototype FCEV led by Bramble Energy - HEIDI: Hydrogen Electric Integrated Drivetrain Initiative

Project: Central government, health and local authorities

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"The HEIDI: Hydrogen Electric Integrated Drivetrain Initiative project will develop a hydrogen fuel cell double-deck bus, using innovative, low-cost fuel cell technology developed in the UK. This fuel cell bus will only emit water. Hydrogen fuel cell technology is crucial to decarbonizing our public transport and improving air quality in our towns and cities. The fuel cell has been developed by Bramble Energy, and is based on their patent protected technology using the manufacturing process from the printed circuit board industry to produce fuel cells. Bramble Energy will work with Aeristech to develop a high efficiency air compressor for the fuel cell and Equipmake who will develop motor, power electronics and battery management system for the bus. The University of Bath will also support this project through vehicle simulations to optimize the performance of the fuel cell-battery hybrid powertrain.

The UK based consortium in the HEIDI project will support fuel cell manufacturing in the UK for buses and commercial vehicles and, using a novel, low-cost method to manufacture fuel cells will accelerate the cost reduction of fuel cells, their use across society and the reduction of CO2 emissions."
Effective start/end date1/04/2330/09/25

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  • Innovate UK


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