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We propose to use alumni to engage with and enrich our programmes. The alumni will be engaged across three departments (POLIS, Mechanical Engineering and Health) for both UG and PG programmes:
Tier 1 BSc Sport & Exercise Science (SES)
- Ezio Preatoni, Department of Health
Tier 2 MA Chinese to English Interpreting and Translating (CEIT)
- Yukteshwar Kumar, POLIS
Tier 3 MSc Engineering Business Management/Innovation & Technology Management
- (EBM/ITM)– Steve Cayzer, Mechanical Engineering
The types of engagement depend on programme-specific ILOs, and include mentoring, assessment, provision of real life case studies, and reverse mentoring. The engagement is tiered as shown above.
In tier 1 there is a single touch point. For SES there is a front-loaded involvement with alumni, which will enhance the teaching, providing inspiration and a link to real world practice.
In tier 2 there are a number of touchpoints throughout the year. Alumni will typically be involved in creating and assessing coursework.
In tier 3 alumni are deeply embedded in the program, providing mentoring and support for the students. For example they will assist students in creating a set of career objectives (relating to their time at Bath) that are then reviewed at a suitable checkpoint.
Short title£10,000
Effective start/end date25/05/1824/05/19