ALPHA: Instruments for Assessing Levels of Physical Activity and related Health Determinants

Project: EU Commission

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The project focuses on understanding actual population activity levels and the key factors affecting it; it identifies a number of key factors and cross-cutting themes that relate to the achievement and enablement of sustained moderate PA levels, such as the urban environment, transport-related physical activity, the workplace
and health-related fitness. In order to address the gap that has been identified in making available comparable information about PA in all Member States, the methods and means put forward by the project are to:
develop and test instruments (questionnaires and questionnaire modules) to assess comparable physical activity levels in European Member States;
develop and test instruments and methods/procedures (accelerometry, GIS data analysis) to assess levels of transport-related physical activity and urban environmental promoters or barriers to physical activity;
determine a European test for assessing health-related fitness (HRF) as a reliable key health indicator.
Short title€999,416
Effective start/end date1/06/0730/06/09