Advising traditional community engagement for peace (project 18-03043)

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The project aims at building indigenous capacity for conflict resolution in Southeast Asia, especially in West Kalimantan and Southern Thailand. The project builds on an earlier project in West Kalimantan that managed to create an institution for inter-ethnic communication, with formal authorization and facilitation by and reporting to the office of the vice president of Indonesia. The lessons of this earlier project have been compiled in the PI’s book Can Peace Research Make Peace (Routledge, 2012/2016), and generalized further in the PI’s book Paradigms of Peace (Imperial College Press 2016).

Layman's description

The project offers capacity building in conflict resolution and civilian protection for ethnic community leaders and their communication forum in West Kalimantan and in Southern Thailand.

Key findings

The listed activities and outputs are the following:
1. Publicity towards stakeholders to launch pilot and identify potential partners and stakeholders for the future project.
2. Meetings to establish relations, map expectations and preferences, as well well as to explain plans.
3. Meetings to build capacity to conflict prevention.
4. Planning and implementation of joint lectures between University of Bath and conflict area audiences.
5. Development of plans for joint action-research
6. Development of plans for policy reviews for conflict resolution practitioners.
7. Plans for general capacity building
8. Facilitation of inter-regional cooperation between stakeholders of the project (without further intended presence or participation by the PI or the project).
Short title36000
AcronymWest Kalimantan Project
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/07/19


  • Conflict prevention
  • academic diplomacy

RCUK Research Areas

  • Political science and international studies