A framework for developing Socially Just Knowledge in International Research and Development Partnerships

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International partnerships between Northern (or Western) and Southern (or Eastern) universities and academics tend to produce knowledge that is driven by Northern intellectual, political, economic and social framings. This project is developing a conceptual understanding of the process of domination that occurs in our Chnese and European partnership. We are drawing upon a series of theoretical frameworks and insights relating to postcolonial (or decolonial), feminist, the sociology of knowledge and science and technology studies. We are using this to develop a practical framework that wold suggest a series of practical activities that could be integrated into a research process to guide researchers working in international partnerships towards more socially just knowledge.

Layman's description

The project is developing a framework to guide researchers working in international partnerships towards more inclusive knowledge development that integrates Northern and Southern knowledge systems.

Key findings

In development.
AcronymSJK Project
StatusNot started


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