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New Consumer Cultures in the Global South

Pinheiro Machado, R., Pertierra, A., Liu, T., Saloma, C. & Molina Roldán, A.

1/10/19 → …

Project: Research council


Rutter, H.

Medical Research Council


Project: Research council

Fuzzy cognitive mapping of large-scale brain networks

Ashwin, C. & Roy, S.


Project: Research-related funding

ATCA Follow-up of NS mergers from LIGO/Virgo in O3 (2019OCT, C3322)

Laskar, T., Van Eerten, H., Mundell, C., Schady, P., Alexander, K. D., Bhandari, S., Chornock, R., Coppejans, D. L., Blanchard, P. K., Berger, E., Cowperthwaite, P. S., Duffell, P. C., Eftekhari, T., Fong, W. F., Gomez, S., Hajela, A., Hosseinzadeh, G., MacFadyen, A., Margutti, R., Metzger, B. D., Nicholl, M., Paterson, K., Schroeder, G., Terreran, G., Villar, V. A., Williams, P. K. G. & Xie, X.


Project: Other

China Scholarship Council - Bath PhD studentship

Wuyts, S.


Project: Research-related funding

Industrially co-funded PhD studentship by DST Innovations

Khanbareh, H.


Project: Research-related funding

Natural Capital: Specifying the Value of Nature

Schneider, M.


Project: Central government, health and local authorities

Research support to the MILO and BE-FIT studies

Bilzon, J.

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory


Project: Central government, health and local authorities

MTG: GW4 Crucible (Leaders in Digital Tecnology) Seed Funding

Ainsworth, B. & Dack, C.


Project: Research-related funding


Joint research with I. Velčić (University of Zagreb)

Cherednichenko, K. & Velcic, I.


Project: Research-related funding

European Educational Research Association Network Funding

Tian, M.


Project: Project at a former HEI

Open_Next: Company-Community Collaboration for Open Source Development of products and services

Bonvoisin, J., Jochem, R., Stark, R., Boujut, J., Send, H., Voigt, C., Hofer, M., Unterfrauner, E. & Lindow, K.


Project: EU Commission

ARUK network grant

Licchesi, J.

Alzheimer's Research UK


Project: UK charity

Strand 2 Europe 2019

Coffe, H., von Schoultz, Å. & Wauters, B.


Project: Other

Recovering value from contaminated plastic wastes

Arnot, T.

Innovate UK


Project: Central government, health and local authorities