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On-Board Hydrogen Production for Cleaner Vehicles

Eslava, S.

Innovate UK


Project: Central government, health and local authorities

JSPS Fellowship for Y.Nagao

Kelsh, R.


Project: Other

Collaboration between Chris Brace and Bath IMI

Brace, C., Wilson, L., Budd, C. & Giles, K.


Project: Other

Remaking zoöpolis: Human-street dog cohabitation and rabies prevention in India

Srinivasan, K., Kurz, T., Sinha, A. & Hinchliffe, S.


Project: UK charity

Recent Advances in the Numerical Analysis of PDEs

Freitag, M.

London Mathematical Society


Project: UK charity

Renewal of RS Fellowship

Sartbaeva, A.

The Royal Society


Project: Research council

UK-Brazil Newton Fund Researcher Links Grant

Bui, H.


Project: Research-related funding

Bath Taps Into Science festival

De Groof, V.


Project: UK charity

Turnaround Schools in Malaysia and Indonesia

Harris, A. & Jones, M.

Head Foundation


Project: UK charity

No WasteR Cities – Novel approaches for Waste management to reduce environmental impact of Cities

Martinez Hernandez, E., Chuck, C., Coma Bech, M. & Samsatli, S.


Project: Research-related funding

GW4: Developing STEM education for marginalised groups in low-income communities

Montgomery, C.


Project: Research-related funding


Museums of Learning Everywhere (MOLE)

Gjersoe, N., Hay, P. & Neathey, E.


Project: UK charity

Building Resilience to the Impacts of Resource Corridor Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Maconachie, R., Odee, D., Hobbs, J., Kimomo, S., Bangura, K., Anderson, K., Bangura, P., Hobbs, J., Ichang'i, D., Gbondo, D., Mattia, C., Lempa, K., Barnfather, N., Goodenough, K., Watt, A., Stevens, P., Perchard, A. & Hilson, G.


Project: Research-related funding

3S Recipe: 3S Recipe - Smart Shrinkage Solutions

Tomlinson, P. & Mykhenko , V.


Project: EU Commission

High Efficiency Electric Air Compressor

Copeland, C., Akehurst, S. & Kennedy, I.

Innovate UK


Project: Central government, health and local authorities

Designing the digitization of social protection for tackling extreme poverty and promoting resilience

Devine, J., Millar, J., Gray, J., Jawad, R., Leyer, R. V., Hochfeld, T., Ait Mansour, H., Ulriksen, M., Mahoi, I., Juana, J., Azar, S. & Mertens, F.


Project: Research-related funding

Physical activity for the prevention and management of NCDs in Sri Lanka

Thompson, D., Peacock, O., Gillison, F., Wickremasing, A. & Arambepola, C.


Project: Research-related funding

Water and Health Improvements Enabled by Advanced Materials (WHAM)

Di Lorenzo, M., Scott, J. L., Polikarpov, I., Nascimento, A., Galembeck, F., Franco, T., Skaf, M., Bufon, C., Umbuzeiro, G., Mulato, M. & Guimarães, F.


Project: Research-related funding

Special Interest Group in Surface and Internal Waves (EPSRC-funded UK Fluids Network)

Wain, D.


Project: Research-related funding